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I am patient of Dr. Shah since last 2 years. She fixed my denture made by another dentist and now l am able to eat. Great dentist I ever met in my 78 years life.She and her staff worked with my insurance Very nice and kind. now I am making new denture after taking out my bed teeth. I trust her completely God bless her.

-Saio Kanu

I went to see Dr.Shah for a root canal and extractions. Dr. Shah was friendly and knowledgeable and took time to explain the whole process and the needed treatments. Dr. Shah worked on a root canal meticulously with explaining every detail of the process along the way with showing the x-rays to me. She also placed crown after the root canal. The extractions was difficult but Dr. Shah went out of her way using her surgical skills to remove rotten tooth painlessly. I found Dr. Shah knowledgeable, friendly, experienced, and compassionate. She offered every help, especially in finance, that she possibly could provide. Dr. Shah’s rates are reasonable. Dr. Shah and her staff were great and they made the entire treatment painless. I would definitely go back to Dr. Shah for all my dental needs.

-opent view

I was a patient of Dr. Mita Shah over 20 years ago. She gave me my beautiful smile (bridge work included). When she moved to NJ from NY, I visited other dentists but was not satisfied. After 20 plus years I decided to take the two-hour trip included). When she moved to NJ from NY, I visited other dentists but was not satisfied. After 20 plus years I decided to take the two-hour trip to see Dr. Shah. Nothing has changed. Dr. Shah is still courteous, patient, and professional! I would recommend her to anyone seeking dental services. I am Reunited and it feels so good! @Somerset Dental PC.

-jaden Jones

Dr. Shah is a great. She makes me feel comfortable and confident I’m in good hands. I’ve been here for multiple tooth cleaning visits, fill ins for my cavity’s, and for a permanent retainer. She’s always there to answer all of my questions. There is no wait time for my scheduled appointments.

-Nazma Kashem

Dr. Shah is a great dentist that caters to your individuals needs! She is excited to give personalized care based on your goals. I would highly recommend her for any dental work and yearly cleanings. Her office staff is flexible and it is easy to make appointments.

-Shilvi Shah

Hi all,I have done braces with Dr. Mita. I went to 3 different dentist and selected her as finalist to do my braces. She has very reasonable charges for the whole procedure. I would give her 5 out of 5 star for the procedure i have received at her clinique. Staff at this places also very welcome to all the patients. they are very courteous and welcome everyone with smile.

- Diamond Beatz

Dr. Shah is an absolutely fantastic dentist. she is a great doctor! She is great at what she does. I've been going to her for years. She and her staff treat all patients like family. She puts in extra effort to ensure all of the patient's problems are taken care of, and is always happy to answer questions.

- Kirit Shah

Dr. Shah is amazing. I dont like dentist but she works well with me and my son. As a single parent working crazy hours there are times in which I cannot make the appointment. She is so patient i just am so appreciative. My son needed braces and i needed a bunch of work. She works with my insurance and let me pay at my own pace. Her work is impeccable as I see major changes within my son's mouth. So all in all...she is awesome. No complaints here...

- Suzette Fagan

I was bit scared going to a dentist but after visiting somerset dental pc it completely changed my mind. The dentist Mita Shah does a wonderful job and i did not feel any pain during my whole treatment. The staff at the clinic is very friendly and helpful. I would recommend everyone having dental problems to visit somerset dental clinic.

-Toral Doshi

Somerset Dental pc is awesome!! One of the best dentist I've ever been to, not only is Dr. Shah a great dentist she also has an outstanding staff, they make you as comfortable as possible "for a dentist office" very nice, caring, and understanding. I"m also very impressed with the equipment; they are cutting edge in every detail. I highly recommend this dentist.

- sonal william

I am a dental phobe, had not been to the dentist in several years. I just kept putting it off. Dr. Shah took great care of me with great patience.She took care of all my problems under one roof. Her office is full euipped. Her staff is very friendly and helpfull. They try to accomodate me whenever I have problem. I would highly recommend this place to everybody.. They treat you like family and their prices are very reasonable. I don't have insurance and they offered me a dental discount plan. I felt like I could trust them. I am very fortunate to find Dr.Shah as my dentist now.

- megha hemalkimegha

No complain about her services

- Tokiasca Compres

I really like my dentist. It is the last place I did like to visit but Dr. Shah made my visit really easy. Since than she has been my dentist for 5 yrs. They have all well equipped instruments. She has always diagnosed correctly. As lots of people say dentist do more than they say, but I would say for Dr. shah that she not like one of them. Also the staff is nice and friendly and helpful. I never had to wait for an appointment. I will really recommend her service to anyone and everyone.

- A Google User

As a medical student, I would never find time to go to other doctor for a routine check up. I am also the type who would not easily trust doctor laying hands on me. But this one time I had a really bad cavity and excruciating pain in 2 teeth which made me unable to eat. After long search and asking my relatives and friends, I came across this dentist who was very close to my place. At first I was a bit nervous talking to her but soon she made me feel very comfortable. Her office was highly equipped with modern x-ray technology and was very neat and clean. She explained me everything that was needed to be done in great detail and also listened to whatever I wanted to say. She took me right on time unlike other doctors who make you wait in their office. She treated me with great professional care and everything worked out just fine even better than what i expected. Meeting her made me trust other doctors there after so I highly recommend Dr. Mita Shah to other patients.

- A Google User

Dr. Shah is a great dentist. Very nice and painfree procedures. Good for kids and pediatrics as she is gentle with them. Close to north brunswick, somerset, Rutgers, etc. I drive here, but the bus stops here too and easy to walk to from north brunswick locations, people near john adams, etc. Highly recommend Dr. Shah.

- A Google User

I have been visiting my dentist - Dr. Mita Shah since i was 9. Im 18 now. I have gotten my braces completed by her and am pretty happy as she straightened my teeth that were crooked and not in line. Definitely happy with the results - esp cause it made em nice for my prom pics and def made me look and smile better. Plus she got them completed and off before my senior year of hs and college - which is awesome cause i def did not wanna go to college with them. I am going to college this yr but will still be coming back to this dentist - cause shes always been incredibly nice and patient with me - and listened to my needs and timelines. Her staff is also really nice and pretty funny too - ive known them for years and they all treat me like family. So i definitely recommend her for your dentist - esp if you need braces cause Dr. Shah has done a great job for me and it didnt take as much time as i thought it would.

- A Google User

Dr.Shah's dental services and staff are very friendly and thorough be it with a simple cleaning or an extensive procedure. I've been a patient with her for most of my life and I have no complaints!! I highly recommend her for any dental needs

- Anvi Shah

Dr. Shah is hands down one of the nicest as well as most knowledgeable dentist I have worked with. Her individualistic care for her patients show in her appointment sessions. Defiantly recommended!

- Rahul Shah

Dr. Shah has been very professional and understanding every time I go into her office. Her assistants are also very professional and helpful in whatever the patients need or request. I would highly recommend her as a dentist and will continue to utilize her services.

- Kalyan Aravapalli

My experience with Dr. Shah has been superb. Dr. Shah takes very good care of her patients and provides great dental service. She and her staff go the extra mile to ensure that patrons of their business receive optimum dental care and outstanding customer service. Dr. Shah makes certain that her patients receive the services and care they desire by rigorously advocating on their behalf to insurance providers. Thank you, Dr. Shah!

- Lockhart PRmedia Lcspllc

Dr. Shah of Somerset Dental PC is by far the best dentist ever!!!! I've been a patient for over 12 years and with every sitting she makes sure you are completely satisfied before you leave her office....her dedication to her patients is phenomenal and there is no other dentist I would recommend.... no job is too big or too small she will get the job done.. her office is conveniently located in Somerset on Rt. 27 ohhh and did I forget to mention her wonderful staff who are great with follow-ups... So please make your appointment today and I guarantee you will not be disappointed 732-745-9898

- Antoinette Devonish

This is my first visit to some rest dental pc.I had very bad toothache I walked in a and ask to remove my tooth as I can not take pain Ny more Receptionist Neha took me right away and even help me in filling out forms. Dr. Mira Shah took care of me asap. I did not felt any pain or discomfort . She is the best dentist I ever found. I found my dentist for life. Thank you Dr. Shah

- Antoinette Ganie

I love this dental office because they always care for me and my daughters ,my daughter love to come here and the Doctor give them confiden to work with their teeth. Now my wife start to take treatment with this Doctor too.

- Pimpollo Lopez

Dr. Shah has been my dentist for years and her and her staff is very professional and courteous. As a student it is hard to keep track of everything with such a busy schedule but I always get a friendly reminder when its time for my yearly cleaning. I recommend Dr. Shah to everyone whether you are looking for specific dental work or general yearly check-ups.

- Shilvi Shah

I have been going to Somerset dental, Dr.shah for 10 years. Very professional and competent. My very old filling was removed and new crown work is in progress after successful root canal procedure.

- Shrenik Talati

My name is Zeal Patel. I moved after 2 years of coming to Dr. Shah for my dental care but I still came back to her no matter how long the drive was. I started off as a preteen who was scared of dentist and needles but in Dr. Shah's friendly environment and kind approach I grew out of my fear. I had many problems that Dr.Shah had to face over the years. I had an overbite and crooked teeth. To solve this problem I got braces and further treatment. I was happy to attend each appointment because of the friendly staff and knowing each time that I was getting closer to the perfect smile. Seeing the progress of my teeth, my family also started coming to Dr.Shah and they are happy with their teeth. Thank you, Dr. Shah for helping me get my perfect smile. I highly recommend coming to Dr. Shah for your dental treatment because she will get you your perfect smile with all her passion.

- Zeal Patel

When i was playing i fall and i broke my front 4 tooth. I was bleeding and she stopped the bleeding and made it better. I came to Dr. shah and she tried her best to get me out of the pain and now i am ok. i came to her because my whole family been to her for almost 2 year. i prefer her because she is very nice lady and she gets the job DONE.

- Kunj Panchal

We visited Dr. Shah Dental clinic for my wife Tooth problem. She is so tremendous that, my wife forgot her Pain to see her with her lovable attitude. Dr. Shah's accurate and nice treatment touches us to the deep of Heart. Finally my wife relaxed today from her severe & troublesome pain. Her clinic found very neat, clean with an amazing sterilized instruments. I pray God to bless her ever for the treatment of needed patients.

- Kartik Z

Great staff, & a great doctor. She did all the work for my braces and is still my doctor for any and all oral care. The staff is very friendly and they will make sure all issues are taken care of before you leave

- Rushabh S

I have been very impressed with this dental office so far.the staff is wonderfully friendly and courteous. Dr shah does an excellent job,and since I am a coward, my whole family is the patient of Dr shah. I appreciate the fact that I don't feel any pain! Thank you for a great dental experience! STRONGLY RECOMMEND.

- Smita S

The staff is very helpful and Dr Shah does a great job with my boys.

- Colleen S

Very good good service, great advise. We use her for my whole family, children under 10y/o and everyone is happy

- Katarzyna K

Best team ever!! They treat you like family!! Loved it!!!

- Rosa V

"HI! I am from South Jersey. My family has been a customer of this dental office for many years despite the fact that we live two hours away. When I was little, I used to be very scared of the dentist in general. However, after seeing Dr. Shah fixing up my brother's teeth as well as taking care of my family's teeth so well, I decided it was time for me to give it a try. Right now, I have braces and Dr. Shah's treatment is professional and friendly, too. I almost feel no pain when she is working with me and I am no longer afraid. Rather, I am excited to come every visit knowing that I am one step closer to getting perfect teeth. I can't wait until my next visit. Thank you Dr. Shah!"

- Dimpie S.

"I have been coming here for 14 years and i wouldn't think about finding a new dentist. Dr. Shah has provided me and my family with excellent service. She explains everything before and after procedures so you will never feel out of the loop. If you're looking for a dentist, then shes the one for you!"

- Deep P.

"My name is Andrea and I have been coming to Somerset Dental for over 7 years, and I absolutley love Dr.Shah. She is really caring and professional. They are always going above and beyond to accomidate the patient. "

- Andrea N.

"Thanks so much for the payment plan and awesome service, Somerset Dental is definitely one of the best dentits I've been to!!! I would definitely reccomend this dentist to a friend or family member! [: Thanks so much for your help!!!"

- Kaitlyn R.

"we come from all the way from atlantic city. she gives awsome customer service. we have been coming here for years. my whole family loves her and we wont go anywhere else"

- viral s.

"I want to say Dr. Shah 'THANK YOU' for being our family dentist over the past 14 years. I met her when she started her new office equipped with the latest technology, like digital X-rays and laser. My case was a challenged one and because of doctor Shah expertise and professionalism, she brought my smile back. She is honest, approachable and does excellent work with minimal pain! she always listens to my concerns and worked a flexible payment plan for me. She is very gentle and full of compassion. Thank you Dr. Shah for giving me the smile back! My whole family goes there and I greatly recommend anyone to go visit the best dentist in town. Kudos for her staff! Many thanks, Dr Shah!"

- Corina S.

"thank you for the excellent service and my afforable payment plan. congratulations to your team !!"

- tokiasca c.

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